SYNOPSIS: Waste Management Audits

What is it? A comprehensive analysis of waste disposal costs

What’s the benefit? After vendor negotiation, contract is revised/right-sized

Who is it for? Businesses that spend more than $1,000/month on waste disposal, i.e. restaurants, manufacturers, hospitals

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Paying more than you should for waste disposal is wasteful...

Waste disposal is necessary, just about every business in America has a waste bill, and approximately 80% of businesses that pay for waste disposal are paying more than they could or should be.

Our Waste Management Audit Service lowers monthly expenses for solid waste, medical waste, and recycling disposables by finding errors, overcharges, and other cost reduction opportunities, all without switching their current vendor.Here's the perspective; waste management companies charge us for disposal based on a number of parameters. Sometimes (90% of the time) those parameters don't match up to what really is what is appropriate.

Our team of waste management experts know the ins and outs of the waste management business, and its billing practices. They understand how these companies charge and how they are supposed to charge.

Just as with all of the other program we offer, we perform an audit of your waste management bills on a contingency basis.

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