Zero-Cost Merchant Processing...yes, this is no joke

You are a merchant, and you are paying merchant processing fees so your customers can have the convenience of paying for your goods or services at a later time. You want to make it easy for the customer to shop with you, don't you?

Well, think about this: when you take a look at your bank statement and its credit card transactions, you might go into shock when you see how much of those credit card transaction fees actually hit your bank account. For example; your "favorite" processor has told you that you're getting a 1.8% rate, but you see about 3% total coming out of your bank deposits in "hidden fees."

You're in a quandary: you want the customer's business, but if your margins aren't 20%, then 3% or so in processing fees is really killing you...what to do about it?

You may not know this, but merchants in many states are now legally allowed to pass on to their customers the cost of their merchant processing fees (up to 4%), provided that they have the required technology and signage in place to satisfy the rules and regulations.

You can surmise that this might not be for every merchant, but if you are in a generally "non-competitive" space, this could be a way for you to boost your margins.

If you are a cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist, dentist, DUI attorney, property management company, high-end auto dealership, funeral home, charity, school district, faith-based organization or any business where your clients will not leave you because you pass on these charges to them, we have the technology to make this happen properly...and it's incredibly inexpensive.

The rule changes that permit surcharging resulted from the Payment Card Interchange Fee Class Action Settlement. Even though the approval of that settlement has been reversed, MasterCard and Visa have not indicated that they intend to return to the pre-settlement prohibition on surcharging.

Call or write to us, and we'll go over all the details for you. Drive that money right down to your bottom line.

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