Vendor screening - critical for businesses that hire contractors...

"Hey, you broke that pipe!".... "Like hell, I did!"

Does this conversation sound familiar?

Dealing with vendors and contractors is a nightmare. Let us tell you...or, write and you tell us...maybe we'll do a YouTube funniest bad-contractor video stories series.

So here is an important fact for you...did you know, that when you send a contractor into one of your managed properties, or one of your rental units, that contractor must be licensed, insured, bonded, etc.?

And, did you know that you are liable for damage, theft, or anything of the sort, including if they injure themselves, or cause injury to others on the job?

We have the answer to this dilema and we will take this monkey off your back...completely.

Revolutionary! Our service screens and protects our clients and at NO COST to you!! We do it all...we check insurance, bonding, licensing...anything else you want us to check and we do it for you, our client for FREE. Call us and learn more about this incredible program.

For more info or a free assessment of your business, call: 323-309-7225 or write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.