Do you manufacture, write software, build prototypes, or....?

The law now encourages you to take a direct tax credit for employees and contractors that perform many number of jobs that were previously not considered eligible.

If you have employees that are engaged in any of the following activities, you should contact us right away. We may find you a handsome tax credit going backwards and forwards...and, believe it or not, Uncle Sam pays interest!

Manufacturing Products 
Developing new, improved, or more reliable products / processes / formulas
Developing prototypes or models (including computer-generated models) 
Designing tools, jigs, molds or dies 
Developing or applying for patents 
Performing certification testing
Conducting testing of new concepts & technology
Developing and introducing new technology
Developing or improving production and/or manufacturing processes
Performing environmental testing
Developing, upgrading or implementing systems and/or software
Automating and/or streamlining internal processes
Expending resources on outside consultants / contractors to do any of the above-stated activities
Attempting the use of new materials and compounds
Designing – layout, schematics, Auto-CAD
Testing or quality assurance: ISO 900X, UL, Six Sigma or other certifications
Integrating new machinery (CNC, SLA, SLE, etc.)
Software development or improvement (internal use or for external sale)

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