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There are literally hundreds of federal, state, local and private programs that can provide cash incentives and lower your expenses to stimulate your business. We are the company that finds them for you!

Let our team of nationwide subject matter experts go to work for you to find stimulus money and business expense cost-reduction opportunities.

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We work on a contingency basis so there is NO RISK to you. When we find you the benefits, you'll share them with us. This is true "pay for performance."

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The PATH Act....

This may seem like old news, but it's so impactful for so many businesses...manufacturers, architects, engineering firms, IT companies and software developers, it deserves a place on our home page.

On December 18th of 2015 President Obama signed into law the “PATH” (People Against Tax Hikes) Act. This is the biggest boon to small to medium sized manufacturing and tech sector companies in years. For example, if you are a startup, even if you are in a net operating loss, you can claim a credit against your payroll taxes! If you're a more mature company, you may take a Section 41 R&D credit without the AMT restriction.

Our CPA says this is: "Money for nothin'"

You've got to read this article if you are a manufacturer, an engineer, an architect, a software developer, or an I.T. company....The PATH Act